Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

All Code of Conduct guidelines can be conveyed in their whole by Wheaton’s Law:

Don’t Be A Dick.

Let us be entirely clear: this is what we expect of everyone at and around all of our events.

You are welcome here

Yes, we mean you**. This is our community– we organize and support these events specifically for you. We are of all backgrounds, genders, beliefs, orientations, nationalities, fandoms, programming languages, and Hogwarts houses. This is our house, our fam. Come hang out with us and help us make awesome futures for all humans. And maybe some robots. 

**Unless you are an asshole. Then GTFO.

Recognize and embrace humanity

We are all humans here. Recognize and respect your fellows, regardless of religion, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, stance on kebabpizza, or especially native Swedishness.

Consent is rad

If you are planning on touching someone, taking something, or otherwise imposing yourself on another human being, ask them first. Asking is rad as hell. (Protip: It’s also the law.)

Don’t harass people

We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. Therefore, do not stalk, follow, badger, intimidate, threaten or otherwise make yourself impossible to disengage from. If someone tries to move on from the conversation, let them go– in person or online. If someone explicitly tells you to leave them alone, respect that. Just be cool.

Do not sexually harass people.

This includes teasing, jokes, innuendo, photos/images, gestures, touching, grabbing, or giving gifts of a sexual or unwanted nature. This is supremely not cool. Don’t do it. If you are questioning whether or not your intended behavior is toeing that line, DO NOT DO IT.

Be professional yo

GameDev Force and the thing mini-conference is a collection of game developers and enthusiasts from all over. This is not your dating service. This is not your beer pong table. This is not your D&D group. These are your peers. So treat them like peers. Be courteous, kind, and respectful at all times.

Don’t physically assault people

Don’t punch, kick, roughhouse, or otherwise engage in acts of violence on anyone. We have treasured gear and precious humans at our events. Do not break either of them.

Thievery sucks

Don’t take other people’s property. Don’t take other people’s ideas. Don’t take other people’s laundry time. Seriously, all of these just suck.

No weapons, drugs, alcohol

We like our weapons virtual. So do not bring weapons of any kind. Drugs are best when they are prescribed. Any alcohol will be made available by certified beer/wine/liquor slingers. So please leave your weapons, illegal drugs, and alcohol at home.

Moderation is awesome

You’re an adult, we expect you to know your limits like one. So don’t get crazy wasted on any of your preferred methods of inebriation before, during, or after our events.


Our volunteer staff are in place because we trust their judgement. If they feel like you have violated or circumvented even the intention of these rules, you may face disciplinary action. Follow the instructions of volunteers, and communicate with them with professionalism about any concerns.

We WILL kick you out

Any violation of the above is an excellent way to get tossed out. Repeat offenses may result in you being banned from all future GameDev Force events. And that would make us super-sad. We would rather that we all just get along and be cool to each other.

Do not touch anyone in VR

It’s terrible. Also see: Consent is rad

Do not take photos of anyone in VR

If they don’t know you’re there, they can’t give you the thumbs-up to the photo. (Consent continues to be rad.) Take all the wide-shot photos of the event you want, and we’re totally down with pictures of the sponsors and organizers during announcements. But don’t take pictures of individuals who are actively involved in other realities without their explicit consent.

GameDev Force is committed to making a safe, welcoming environment for all humans to participate, bond, and nerd out about game development. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, please contact one of the organizers. We will absolutely listen and support you in any way you need, and will work to resolve any issues in a way that makes you feel comfortable. We will tank for you. We will heal for you. We will DPS for you. We multiclassed.

If you have any questions on any of the above, come talk to one of the organizers. We will be happy to educate.

This code of conduct was adopted from the VR Austin code of conduct and modified to suit this event, because it is an awesome and rad code of conduct. It can be found here.